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Troy Wiegand graduated Winamac Community High School in 2016. He is at Butler University to study Mathematics and Computer Science.  

Troy is a part of the MINT (Math department INTernship) program at Butler. For two semesters, he worked with Dr. Wahl and her Calculus I and II classes. This year he worked with Dr. Scott Kaschner and Dr. Amber Russell on developing a Linear Algebra textbook. He is a Math Department Tutor. He is also the Vice President for the Math Club. Also, Troy is a CS Department Tutor.

Troy works with the Indiana Association of Student Councils (IASC) as councilor in the Summer Leadership Camp. He also helps coordinate events throughout the year.

Troy is proficient in Bash, Linux, C#, LaTeX, C++, Java, JS, HTML, CSS, and knowledgeable with Python, React framework, Git, and Unix.